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Carefree with our services

Rely on precise planning

We have years of experience in industrial relocations and are enthusiastic about our customers projects. Our customers benefit from a realistic project planning and a professional implementation of their project. The personal and friendly advice is important to us, because every move is as individual as your company.

Our company philosophy is to stand by your side with joy and passion for every single project. Because it is time consuming to organize the relocation. We help you with the challenging issues of communications with your employees. With the right sensitivity and the necessary expertise, we ensure a successful start at the new company location.

Our services include:

Move Management


Time is money, applies to all companies. To keep the downtime low, all trades have to work hand in hand. We coordinate with (IT) service providers and authorities and ensure that craftsmen, technicians and transport workers work in a coordinated manner during the move. A German-speaking employee supervises the move on site, until the last PC workstation is connected, and all the files are at the right place.

Move Management

Move Manager – professional for logistical planning

Logistic management

Wenn es darum geht logistische Prozesse und Abläufe zu organisieren sind Sie bei Move Manager genau richtig. Egal ob umfangreiche EDV-Transporte anstehen, Telefonanlagen abgebaut oder aufgebaut werden müssen, die Mitarbeiter organisiert werden sollen, wir kennen die entsprechenden Abhängigkeiten in und auswendig. Geben Sie bei ihrem Umzug einfach alle organisatorischen Aufgaben in unsere Hände und profitieren Sie von unserer Erfahrung in Sachen Logistikmanagement.

Während wir die interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit der verschiedenen Dienstleister, sowie Behörden koordinieren, sorgen wir zusätzlich dafür, dass innerhalb des Unternehmens geordnete Absprachen und Abläufe stattfinden.

Wir begleiten und unterstützen Sie bei ihrem Umzug, während Sie sich voll auf Ihr Kerngeschäft konzentrieren können.

Ganz gleich worum es geht, mit unserem breiten Leistungsportfolio unterstützen wir Sie bei jeder logistischen Aufgabe vom Ablaufplan bis hin zu einer klaren Mitarbeiterkommunikation.

Move Management Consultant

Location analysis

Good start at the new location

Finding a suitable business location involves more than just selecting the office building. The infrastructure, prevalent political trends or the availability of qualified workers must also be taken into account. On the basis of strategic as well as operational aspects, we will find your new location within Germany for you. This is how we jointly lay the foundation for your future corporate success.

Project planning


Good and detailed planning sets the course for a smooth relocation. In order to transport several thousand cubic meters of moving goods, discussions must take place in advance with telecommunication providers, craftsmen, and authorities. In addition, office furnishings must be clarified.

We will help you with a project plan that takes all details into account. We support your existing team, or take over the entire planning - from the idea to implementation. Even in tricky cases, such as the relocation of machinery or laboratories, we carry out the tasks with enthusiasm and understanding.

Location Analysis
Project Planning

Full-Service-Inventory with packing

We bring out the best for you

The collection of the inventory is the core of every tender and is decisive for the services that the selected removal company should provide. We will protect you from unnecessary expenses throughout your move. We provide individual advice on how to record your inventory accurately and correctly. In addition to the pure inventory, we also take over the entire packing of the items. So you experience only positive surprises during the actual move.

Inventory Consultant


Avoid costs with the Move Manager

Packing and assembly services, means of transport and required permits - many aspects have to be considered in tenders. It pays to get experts like Move Manager on board to avoid unnecessary costs. We create for you both limited tenders as well as nationwide or Europe-wide tenders. Thanks to our excellent market knowledge, we know how to find a good service provider and stay within the budget at all times.


Prepare your employees for the move

For employees, relocations are associated with mixed feelings. In order to get rid of misunderstandings and to address the employees concerns in good time, you need be sensitive to their feelings. This also applies if there are convincing operational reasons for relocating. Move Manager will support you in creating a transparent communication concept. At an early stage employees should be involved so as to eliminate their misapprehensions. A credible, open communication ensures that all employees are involved - and not just moved.